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Check Katello server Space

Added by Ignacio Bravo almost 5 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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One morning I found out that my Katello server was not running. Looking at the logs, the message was that it couldn't connect to MongoDb. I tried restarting services and such without luck, until I discovered a Mongo log directory. The problem there was that Mongo was complaining of not having enough space to start.
Afterwards, I checked the space with 'df -h' and for sure, it was almost all gone.

I wanted to delete a couple of unused repos, but since Katello was down, the only option that I had was to add space to the server, and so I did.

Now, I am able to start katello and everything seems to be working correctly, but to avoid future issues, I want to delete some repos. Here comes the request:

Wouldn't it be nice to see the size that each Product takes? That would allow us to know if we can maintain the synch of that old repo that nobody uses, or if we need to delete it to free some space.

One alternative is to do 'du -hs /var/lib/pulp/rpm' to see the space that pulp is taking, but that seems to be organized by rpm rather than by Product.



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