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Implement reboot into installer

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This work item is focused on implementing and testing actual real reboots into OS installer for the custom fact case. Workflow is:

  • user boots discovery from ISO
  • user enters network credentials (optional)
  • user enters custom fact
  • user discovers the server
  • discovery plugin configured for auto-provisioning initiates provisioning
  • the host downloads kernel/image and reboot into it

Let's design this with minimum changes possible on the Foreman and Discovery plugin (and Smart Proxy plugin). The most difficult part is to find out URLs of kernel/image. Preferred method is HTTP from media directly, but if that turns out to be problematic and it is possible to implement TFTP with less changes, let's add TFTP as an secondary option.

Interesting idea might be to kexec/reboot into PXELinux directly and continue from there the traditional way or maybe reboot into iPXE or Grub2 if PXELinux does not work. This could solve the media issue, but there might be hardware compatibility issues.

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Added by Lukas Zapletal over 7 years ago

Fixes #10300 - adding new image power API support


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Later on it could be interesting to kexec directly to iso images. This would allow to install other operating systems such as *BSD.

Currently, the only way I found to be able to boot into iso images from kexec is using grub4dos. Here is the interesting blog entry talking about it :

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