Bug #10408

Host checkboxes get cleared after action taken

Added by Zdenek Janda over 4 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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After update to 1.8, when i check host checkbox in all hosts lists, and execute action via select action/assign organization for example, after action complete the checkbox unchecks again. Before, the checkboxes were "sticky" and remained across actions, which is really helpfull - for example when assigning organization/location and then changing group to multi hosts, it makes sense to leave checkboxes on for them so you dont have to checkbox them again. Its what i would expect to be correct behavior, and i think its why the checkboxes are there for in first place.
But, we have also bug #6655 which caused the change in 1.8 in first place, so it has to be weighted what best final state of this would be.

Related issues

Related to Foreman - Bug #6655: Clear _ForemanSelectedhosts cookie when an action is performedClosed2014-07-16

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Revision 833dcdeb (diff)
Added by Amir Fefer almost 4 years ago

Fixes #10408 - adding checkbox in hosts-index page for keeping selected hosts


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