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Generate content view filter based on package manifest

Added by Erik van Pienbroek about 5 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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We're looking for a feature where content views can be reliably regenerated even when the underlying repositories have updated one or more packages.
For example we want to create a content view which only contains the content from one specific OS release (for example: RHEL 6.5) and a small set of
package updates we're interested in (using regular content view filters).

Would it be possible to add a feature to Katello where a content view filter can be set up based on a package manifest?
Such a package manifest could be a text file which contains a list of all desired packages (with full n-v-r) so that it
can be configured with the hammer tool or a text field in the webui where users can paste the list.

Use case:
In our organization we're currently using three individual Satellite 5 instances. One for development, one for testing and one for production.
Currently we're investigating whether it is possible for us to migrate to Katello/Satellite 6. With Katello/Satellite 6 we still want to set up
multiple individual instances. We are aware of the capsule/smart proxy feature but we can't use that in our environment due to firewall/network policies.
As we want to keep the various Katello instances in sync (at least for the software part) we're looking for a method to reliably export/import or
regenerate content views so that we can ensure that whatever software (content view) is used on the Katello dev instance also gets used on
the Katello test and Katello prod instances.

Additional notes:
I've talked with ehelms about this on IRC and he suggested to create a content view filter which excludes all errata past the release date of
a (Red Hat) OS release, but testing has shown that this doesn't give the expected results as errata which were issued on the exact same day
as the desired OS release also ends up in the content view which is undesirable in our situation.


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This can be done with "hammer csv", I believe. I will confirm and write up steps.

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