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Need a foreman-rake katello:check

Added by Partha Aji almost 5 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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One of the common rake tasks used in diagnosing state of a Katello/Sat server is foreman-rake katello::reindex. The purpose of that task is to update elastic indices and not really suitable for diagnosis.
What we need is a task that checks the followwing
  • Broken Repo associations (repo not in cp/ not in pulp)
  • Broken Host associations (content host not in cp/pulp/foreman)
  • Broken org associations (not in cp/pulp)
  • Broken org : smart proxy associations..
  • others

We need a way to say foreman-rake katello:check and have that dump things it finds inconsistent so that the user can ask for help if needed.

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One more:

  • Check that a Capsule has a Content Host attached

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Partha, I am targeting this for 2.4 -- please confirm whether that priority for release target makes sense.

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