Bug #10844

hosts -> content hosts - nothing shown after a host is created

Added by Tom Caspy almost 5 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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seems like a content host is created only after the host ran the config management. shouldn't it be created immediately but show a pending state or something similar? this got me very confused at first.

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#1 Updated by Eric Helms almost 5 years ago

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This is limited by the fact that content hosts must exist within an organization and hosts could exist outside the organization. We can't, at present, reliably create a host object because one may already exist with that hostname (but be in a different organization). This should be resolved with the host-content host integration work. We can leave this issue open until that work is done or close it in light of that. Please let us know.

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Thanks for reporting this issue. This issue was created over 4 years ago and hasn't seen an update in 1 year. We are closing this in an effort to keep a realistic backlog. Please open up a new issue that includes a link to this issue if you feel this still needs to be addressed. We can then triage the new issue and reassess.

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