Bug #10877

Import from puppet fails with "Failed to list puppetenvironments"

Added by Stefan Hölzle over 6 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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This issue occurs with version 1.8.2.
I had the same issue with Smart-proxy and Foreman 1.8.1.
However if I use an older development version (b8e4d47 fixes #9919 - stub DNS lookup during trusted hosts test), it works.

OS: OpenSUSE 13.2
Puppetmaster 3.7.5
Foreman 1.8.2
Smart-Proxy 1.8.2

The smart-proxy log says:

D, [2015-06-19T12:12:58.600819 #29743] DEBUG -- : verifying remote client ::1 against trusted_hosts ["localhost"]
D, [2015-06-19T12:12:58.601598 #29743] DEBUG -- : require_ssl_client_verification: skipping, non-HTTPS request
I, [2015-06-19T12:12:58.601827 #29743]  INFO -- : Initializing from Puppet config file: /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
E, [2015-06-19T12:12:58.786286 #29743] ERROR -- : Failed to list puppet environments: Attempt to assign a value to unknown setting :ignoreimport
::1 - - [19/Jun/2015 12:12:58] "GET /puppet/environments " 406 94 0.1860

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Revision 9bb37a6f (diff)
Added by Lukas Zapletal about 6 years ago

Fixes #10877 - puppet pinned to 3.x series


#1 Updated by Dominic Cleal about 6 years ago

This looks like it's loading Puppet 4 which is incompatible in this way. Check if you have such a package or gem installed.

#2 Updated by Stefan Hölzle about 6 years ago

I'm running smartproxy from the sources and installed the dependencies with bundler:

git clone git://
bundle install --path vendor

One gem it installs is puppet 4.1.
It should install 3.8.1 right ?

The working installation has an older puppet gem installed (3.7.5).

I was under the impression that bundler installs all required gem-dependenies respecting version restrictions.

#3 Updated by Dominic Cleal about 6 years ago

Hm yeah, we ought to restrict that to < 4.0 for now.

#4 Updated by Stefan Hölzle about 6 years ago

I confirm that restricting puppet to '< 4' in bundler.d/puppet.rb solves this issue.

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