Bug #11826

katello-service man page lists options not available

Added by Mike McCune over 3 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Run "man katello-service" and we see things like: adding services to /etc/katello/service-list, allstopped option, etc:

           Behave exactly as service for every Katello service.

           Using status call it calculates how many services are not stopped. If all the required services are stopped, it returns zero.

           Behave exactly as chkconfig on/off for every Katello service.

           List all Katello services and if it is enabled or disabled.

           By default, katello-service wait until tomcat is able to answer requests. If you specify this option, katello-service will continue immediately when tomcat service will start.

       --exclude SERVICE
           It will not start/stop SERVICE.

       --level LEVEL
           Pass LEVEL to chkconfig when you specify option enable.

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Revision 7955e709 (diff)
Added by Stephen Benjamin over 3 years ago

fixes #11826 - update katello-service man page

Revision 82cfe1eb
Added by Stephen Benjamin over 3 years ago

Merge pull request #87 from stbenjam/11826

fixes #11826 - update katello-service man page


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