Bug #12854

Moving disconnected satellite to connected causes the enabled reposets to move from RPMs Tab to Others Tab

Added by Kedar Bidarkar over 3 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

Inter Server Sync
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a) Installed sat6 upstream/nightly using katello-deploy
b) Downloaded content-iso's from related to RHEL7
c) Updated the cdn link to an internal link.
c) Imported manifest and enabled the repos for "RHEL7 Base os 7Server" and "sat6.1 tools RHEL7"
d) Synced content successfully.

Now the aim was to revert back the cdn url link and only retrieve the deltas.

a) Updated the cdn url link to ""
b) Checked the "enable repositories" page, but couldn't find the 'RHEL7 Base os 7Server' and 'Sat6.1 tools for RHEL7', under "RPMs" Tab but rather found it under "Others" Tab.

Also some observations here.
a) Even though a single repository "RHEL7 Base os 7Server" was enabled the entire reposet is not visible in RPMs Tab.
b) Cannot enable other repos "7.1" or "7.0" or "7.2" as "RPMs Tab" does not display the reposet and "Others Tab" just displays the "7Server" repo.

Related issues

Blocks Katello - Tracker #12107: ISS (Inter-Satellite Sync) TrackerNew2015-10-08

Associated revisions

Revision b80a84fb (diff)
Added by Eric Helms over 3 years ago

Fixes #12854: Set repository content attributes properly during update

When the ability to change the CDN URL for enabled repositories was
added the repository update of the Candlepin content provided the
wrong label and name for the content. This led to enabled content
having the "wrong" name when viewing red hat repositories and thus
ending up on the Other tab.

Revision 34e6e28d
Added by Eric D Helms over 3 years ago

Merge pull request #5670 from ehelms/fixes-12854

Fixes #12854: Set repository content attributes properly during update


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