Bug #14292

Child hostgroup cloning issue with array parameters

Added by Jeff Sault over 6 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Host groups
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This is a bit of an odd one but during the cloning of a hostgroup it seems that array/json class parameter overrides can become invalid.

2 x environments with the same classes in both.
2 x identical hostgroups in different environments. Not sure if having classes in them is mandatory or not
1 x child hostgroup containing a class with an array-type override set.

Step to reproduce:
Clone the child hostgroup from one environment to the other, changing both the parent HG and environment fields during the clone process.

HG should be cloned with override parameter kept.

Parameter override values are cloned with additional escape sequences, causing them to fail validation. See attached.

foreman_error.png View foreman_error.png 7.51 KB Jeff Sault, 03/21/2016 08:04 AM
Foreman error

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Related to Foreman - Bug #12284: host group parameter overrides reformatting YAML values to stringsNew2015-10-23


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  • Related to Bug #12284: host group parameter overrides reformatting YAML values to strings added

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It might be worth trying this on 1.11, it could have been fixed when the parameter tab was changed.

#3 Updated by MARCIN BOJKO over 5 years ago

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This bug is still active in 1.14.2 - it prevents from cloning groups, hosts and even changing host's domains.
With every touch all YAML arrays are being converted to strings with \n signs, so the config is just gone.

#4 Updated by J. A. over 4 years ago

Oftentimes I get this when editing a host too. This just happened to me on 1.16.1 but it happened to me on 1.{13,14,15} as well.

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