Bug #15330

puppet module selection filter and ui issues after puppet module version selection for katello 3.0 rc

Added by Michael Heldebrant almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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When going from a content view to the puppet module tab and clicking on the add new module the workflow for Select A New Puppet Module To Add has incorrect behavior when using the filter. The filter will only apply to visible items in the list unless scrolling of the list is first attempted and then a search appears to be initiated for the remainder of the list, but for modules near the end of the alphabet from puppetforge takes a long time to scroll through the results before displaying the modules that match the filter.

After selection of a module the ui would not display the portion of the page expected with the puppet module just selected.

This happened twice in subsequent puppet module selections. A page reload will show correct ui elements. It is resolved after the publication of the version with the puppet modules as subsequent module additions show the correct ui elements after selection. Creating a new content view that has not been published replicates this behavior of not showing ui elements after puppet module selection.


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After syncing puppet forge repo, I was able to successfully search in for a puppet module in a large list of puppet modules [1]

I could be misunderstanding the issue. Please reopen and comment back with screenshots and/or a more specific way to reproduce if this is the case.


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