Bug #15386

Cant override global parameter via multi-action menu

Added by Adam Winberg over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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I have a global parameter thats normally not overridden on my hosts - i.e. it's set to its default value. I expect to be able to choose multiple hosts and then via the multi action drop-down do an "Edit parameters" to change the value of this global parameter even though it is not overridden yet, but thats not possible. When I try I get the message

Sorry, these hosts do not have parameters assigned to them, you must add them first.

It does work on hosts where the parameter has already been overridden.

Is it intended behaviour not being able to override global parameters via the multi action menu, or is it a bug?


#1 Updated by Adam Winberg over 4 years ago

Also: if you select two or more hosts where at least one of them have an overridden parameter and at least one of them does not have that parameter overridden and choose 'Edit parameters' in the multi action droplist, this parameter will be presented as if available to edit for all hosts even though not all the selected hosts have an override.

Submitting a new value for the parameter renders the error message
" Host not found. Please try to update your request"

I want my devops to be able to change value on a global parameter. This works fine if you edit the hosts one by one, but since they often operate on hosts 50+ at a time it would be useful to use a filter to show the hosts and then use the multi action droplist to edit the parameters.

#2 Updated by Daniel Lobato Garcia over 4 years ago

Thanks for clarifying the issue, it's definitely a bug IMO, users should be able to update global params the way you described.

As a workaround, you can use hammer / to update the parameters, or your own scripts

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