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Speed up host editing when using vmware compute resource

Added by Alex Fisher almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Compute resources - VMware
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Since the vmware properties are read-only after host creation, would it be possible to not automatically load them when editing a host?
Perhaps only load them after clicking on the 'virtual machine' tab? The vmware API is so slow and editing a host can be really painful.

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Revision 0d851b1d (diff)
Added by Timo Goebel over 5 years ago

fixes #15519 - speed up host edit page rendering on vmware

This commit speeds up the rendering of the host edit page for hosts on
VMWare. The API calls to list networks and datastores are expensive.
When editing a host, these information is never showed to a user and
furthermore CR editing on VMWare is not supported.
So instead of displaying a select box, this commit shows a textbox.


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Some option to keep showing them is probably required, people do rely on it (we get bug reports when it's broken).

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The reason for this is that in the host edit views select boxes are rendered with all available volumes or networks. This is a very expensive call with VMWare. In addition, this is completely unnecessary as they are disabled the whole time.

Affected views:


What they need:
<% if new_host >
end %>

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