Bug #15769

Discovery still uses "short" name for Organizations and Locations

Added by Chris Edester almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

Discovery plugin
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In Discovered Hosts => Select Action => Assign {Organization,Location}
Only the short name is listed instead of the full path "Server/SomeLocation"

Consequently when you set:
Administrator => Settings => discovery_{organization,location}
You are presented with the fill path, so they do not match when new hosts are discovered.
This effectively makes the discovery_{organization,location} settings not work unless you pick only a root item "Server".

Basically Discovery is still using the short name and not the full name, whereas the rest of foreman has moved on to the full name.
If you can point me to the code where this is determined (or I find time to do so myself) PRs will be forthcoming.

It's not that much of a thorn in my side yet... But I wanted to get it in.

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Revision 30a514d6 (diff)
Added by Lukas Zapletal almost 3 years ago

Fixes #15769 - discovery nested taxonomy fixed


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Thanks for report, what Dominic said.

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