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Implement organizations and extend environments in Foreman

Added by Lukas Zapletal over 10 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Katello is multi-tenant system and it supports organizations and environments. Typically, every resource belongs to an organization and a environment. Foreman already supports environments for hosts (I am not sure if they can be assigned across whole Foreman) and we could use them for this purpose. It would be good idea to implement also organizations, so we would have direct mapping between Katello and Foreman.

From the history, Candlepin did support only organizations (called owners there), Pulp does not support either orgs or envs. In Candlepin it was tricky to work without environments and some time ago we have decided to implement environments in Candlepin. In Pulp there is no support for them, so resources have very long and ugly names like:


We would need to do the same for Foreman. Each resource (like operating system, installation media etc) would need to have similar name. But with organizations and environments extended for all resources (or at least installation media, operating systems and templates) we could only use the Candlepin product name which is shorter (Red_Hat_Enterprise...).

From our experiences I think it would be better to implement this into the Foreman than to use the string-concatenating approach. Please consider this feature.

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Revision 611f5bff (diff)
Added by Amos Benari over 9 years ago

Add organization and location to foreman.

This feature allows foreman to provide multi location, multi tenant and
multi organizations capablities.

the idea is that resources within foreman (e.g. hosts, subnets, users,
environments etc) can belong to one or more locations and organization,
effectivily hidding resources from users.

Organization may contain multiple locations, and Locations can belong
to multiple Organization, this is an extermily flexiable design,
however, it is up to the user to allocate the resources across the
organizations and locations.

When creating new hosts, the resources that can be consumed are only
resources in which exists in both the currently used organization and location.

fixes #1578
fixes #1593


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