Bug #15861

audited_changes column is too small

Added by Alejandro Falcon about 6 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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I had an issue this morning when updating a quite long param in foreman:

Data too long for column 'audited_changes' at row 1

A simple fix to this problem was to hack into foreman DB and run "ALTER TABLE audits MODIFY audited_changes MEDIUMTEXT;"


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Revision cf468753 (diff)
Added by Amir Fefer about 5 years ago

Fixes #15861 - increase size of audited_changes column

In mysql text type is limited to 64K, while in psql
there's no limit. Changeing type to MEDIUMTEXT,
which limited to 16MB, should solve this issue in mysql


#1 Updated by Dominic Cleal about 6 years ago

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The column should be a Rails "text" type, which IIRC is 64k, but the field would probably contain the parameter value and similar info.

#2 Updated by Joe Mader over 5 years ago

I've run into this same scenario. We don't use a "sideband" CM platform for tracking host metadata and thus some of our host-specific parameter values stored in the Foreman DB are rather large.

I was not able to conveniently locate an "admin-facing" tunable which could either turn auditing off or otherwise "filter" what gets audited.

Coincidentally, we resorted to changing the "audited_changes" column type to MEDIUMTEXT as a testing workaround. My concern is that this approach is not quite "future proof" (easily superceded by an upstream rails DB migration). Are there notable objections to making MEDIUMTEXT the new default? Given that there appears to be no fulltext index on this column, Foreman system owners would just need to ensure sufficient filesystem storage.

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