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katello-installer --help typos

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There are typos and general clean-up that should happen with the output for katello-installer, I've added notes when necessary at the end of that line's description in [ ] brackets.
  1. katello-installer --help
    --reset This option will drop the Katello database and clear all subsequent backend data stores.You will lose all data! Unfortunately we
    can't detect a failure at the moment so you should verify the success
    manually. e.g. dropping can fail when DB is currently in use. (default: false) [this is wrapped messily, needs a space after "data stores.", needs a comma after "at the moment"]
    --capsule-pulp-admin-password passowrd for the Pulp admin user.It should be left blank so that random password is generated (default: "kpU2mLK9oBCpNpmMSGEz4jzJuopcEBhq") [password is spelled wrong, no space before next sentence]
    --certs-ca-expiration Ca expiration attribute for managed certificates (default: "36500") [some CA references are capitalized, others aren't, acronyms should be capitalized in most cases]
    --certs-deploy Deploy the certs on the configured system. False means
    we want apply it on a different system (default: true) [missing to, should add it after "want"]
    --certs-log-dir When the log files should go (default: "/var/log/certs") [When should be Where]
    --certs-regenerate Force regeneration of the certificates (excluding
    ca certificates) (default: false) [ca should be capitalized]
    --certs-regenerate-ca Force regeneration of the ca certificate (default: false) [ca not capitalized]
    --certs-server-cert Path to the ssl certificate for https
    if not specified, the default CA will generate one (default: nil) [capitalize ssl, these are separate thoughts, should use a period between them]
    --certs-server-cert-req Path to the ssl certificate request for https (default: nil) [capitalize ssl, https]
    --certs-server-key Path to the ssl key for https [acronyms should be capitalized, ssl and https]
    --foreman-authentication Enable users authentication (default user:admin pw:changeme) (default: true) [should users be singular?]
    --foreman-configure-scl-repo If disabled the the SCL repo will not be configured on Red Hat clone systems.
    (Currently only installs repos for CentOS and Scientific) (default: false) ["the" is repeated, should be a comma after disabled]
    --foreman-custom-repo No need to change anything here by default
    if set to true, no repo will be added by this module, letting you to
    set it to some custom location. (default: true) [can remove "to" after "letting you", probably should end "No need to change anything here by default" with a period]
    --foreman-db-sslmode Database 'production' ssl mode (default: nil) [capitalize ssl]
    --foreman-passenger-start-timeout Amount of seconds to wait for Ruby application boot. (default: "600") ["Amount" should be "Number"]
    --foreman-selinux when undef, foreman-selinux will be installed if SELinux is enabled
    setting to false/true will override this check (e.g. set to false on 1.1) (default: nil) [seems like these are separate thoughts, end "is enabled" with a period, other descriptions here start with a capital letter in the first word, we don't here]
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Refs #15963 - katello-installer --help typos

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Refs #15963 - katello-installer --help typos


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