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No way to indicate multiple puppet intervals

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We have multiple classes of client with several puppet run intervals. (For example, the memcache servers run every 6 hours due to the high IO load puppet imposes, which frequently results in memcached timeouts.) There is no way to associate a tag/class with a run interval in foreman, so these servers are perpetually listed as outdated.

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I gave this some more thought, and I'm not 100% sure its a good idea.
one small bug in puppet, is that sometimes it sends the same report twice, in order not to import it again, I validate that there is only one report per host per a certain time, this will not work if I'll keep the server local time instead.

I do keep the creation time of the report in the db as well, would it be ok as a work around to expire reports based on their creation time in the db instead of their reported time? this will fix the issue with unable to expire reports that have a wrong date.

additionally, I can write errors to the log if the report time is different to the current time (e.g. +1 one hour in utc).

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Assigned to me somehow, assigning it back. (Also, that comment was for a different bug - this is about long-interval hosts.)

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