Bug #16520

associate VM - MAC compare is case senstive

Added by Dan Foster about 3 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Something that just caught me out, when associating a Xen VM with a foreman Host. The MAC comparison is case sensitive. I ended up with with the MAC in XenCenter recorded as "02:00:89:DE:AB:43" but the MAC recorded in Foreman as "02:00:89:de:ab:43", this caused the error 'No Host found to associate this vm with". Changing the MAC to be lower case is XenCentre solved the issue. It would be better if this comparison was case insensitive.

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Revision 428e62ad (diff)
Added by Michael Moll almost 3 years ago

refs #16520 - use normalize_mac for association

Revision 04327448 (diff)
Added by Dominik Hlavac Duran 6 months ago

Fixes #16520 - Associating VM-mac is case sensitive


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associate_by() is in Foreman core

#3 Updated by Adam Winberg over 1 year ago

Just got hit with this with Vsphere, where MAC address has been set manually in vcenter using uppercase, and Foreman uses lowercase. Thus I cant associate the VM with the host in Foreman ("No host found to associate this VM with").

This is on RHEL7, Foreman 1.16.0.

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