Bug #17619

Hostgroup create/update does not accept --lifecycle-environment parameter

Added by Andrew Kofink over 4 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Description of problem:
It is not possible to provide LIFECYCLE_ENVIRONMENT_NAME to 'hammer hostgroup create' as it complains that organization not found though organization id is provided, only LIFECYCLE_ENVIRONMENT_ID is accepted.

On 6.2 it was possible to specify '--organization-id' parameter but it is not available anymore. Parameter '--lifecycle-environment-organization-id' that was used in upstream also not available. So it is not possible to use '--lifecycle-environment' at all.
1. Provide LCE name and organization id
> hammer> hostgroup create --lifecycle-environment="TS3A9O" --organization-ids="47" --name="test"
> Could not create the hostgroup:
> Error: Could not find organization, please set one of options --organizations, --organization-ids.
2. Check LCE id
> hammer> lifecycle-environment info --name="TS3A9O" --organization-id=47
> ID: 54
> Name: TS3A9O
3. Provide LCE id via --lifecycle-environment-id parameter
> hammer> hostgroup create --lifecycle-environment-id=54 --organization-ids=47 --name="inCpTB"
> Hostgroup created
Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
Satellite 6.3.0 Snap 3.0, Foreman 1.13.1-1
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Actual results:
Hostgroup is not created when providing LIFECYCLE_ENVIRONMENT_NAME.
Hammer complains that --organizations or --organization-ids parameter was not provided but they was.
Expected results:
Hostgroup should be created with both available options (with '--lifecycle-environment' just as with --lifecycle-environment-id if organization id/name was provided)
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Revision 6581e356 (diff)
Added by Andrew Kofink over 4 years ago

Fixes #17619 - Provide correct org options in msg (#467)

Provide the correct organization options to the user when trying to
resolve lifecycle environment name when creating/updating a hostgroup


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