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Add more packages from @core

Added by Elias Abacioglu over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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I have written a plugin that can use discovery image to install different linux flavors using imaged based installs instead of kickstart/preseed ([[]]).
Currently I added a statically compiled parted use rpm to install other packages to the booted discovery image, which is kind of ugly.

Optimally there should be a working yum setup, so you can use yum to install additional packages or/and perhaps add following packages to the discovery image:
parted, mdadm, xfsprogs, e2fsprogs, bzip2, ssm.

This plugin is designed so that everyone can write their own partitioning script, so it's not unlikely that someone would perhaps want to see zfs or btrfs tools installed as well.

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Revision 4f78cb63 (diff)
Added by Elias Abacioglu about 3 years ago

Fixes #19423 - add packes needed by foreman_discovery_image_installer


#1 Updated by Lukas Zapletal over 3 years ago

  • Subject changed from add packages used for partitioning/installing to Add more packages from @core
  • Target version set to Discovery Image 3.5.0

Thanks, feel free to submit PR into FDI repo with packages you need to have and we will include them.

#2 Updated by Elias Abacioglu about 3 years ago

added PR which solves the needed packages.
didn't add ssm since it's a epel package and didn't know if that would work and currently not used by the image installer scripts yet.

But as I mentioned, would be nice if yum install worked and perhaps with epel enabled as well.

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