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"Messy" formatted data in report from Ansible

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I'm running Foreman 1.15.6 and Ansible plugin 1.4.5.

Whenever I ran any playbook from the Ansible server, all data from the playbook report that is showing under host page is displayed in very chaotic, messy way. From what I saw on the videos, it should be nicely formatted with breaks and stuff..

In my system everything looks like a "raw" data which was not properly parsed. Please have a look at the attachment.

Am I missing some piece of configuration here?

I would appreciate any help regarding this matter,

Debug file: http://debugs.theforeman.org/foreman-debug-HWlbj.tar.xz

Issue was also opened under: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/foreman-users/O-gbbV1-AQ8

If you would need any more info, please let me know.

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The server is run on: CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708

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This is now being fixed on #22125

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