Bug #22177

Mail Notifications fail to send when sent from a task

Added by Justin Sherrill 6 months ago. Updated 9 days ago.

Assignee:Justin Sherrill
Category:Foreman plugin
Target version:foreman-tasks-0.10.9
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Pull request:https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-tasks/pull/310


Sending mail notifications fail with this error when sent from a task:

Unable to send errata e-mail notification: Could not find stylesheet \"$FOREMAN_PREFIX/assets/unimported/email-2661723e7b5ca9b48a28e246bad0829a1feca554cc13d7404457d17c115e70f8.css\":
  All providers failed\nUsed providers:
  #<Roadie::FilesystemProvider /usr/share/foreman/public>:
  does not exist. (Original name was \"$FOREMAN_PREFIX/assets/unimported/email-2661723e7b5ca9b48a28e246bad0829a1feca554cc13d7404457d17c115e70f8.css\")
  Could not find stylesheet \"$FOREMAN_PREFIX/assets/unimported/email-2661723e7b5ca9b48a28e246bad0829a1feca554cc13d7404457d17c115e70f8.css\" 

This is due to foreman-tasks setting RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT=$FOREMAN_PREFIX in its sysconfig file and systemd not evaluating ENV variables in its EnvironmentFile

Associated revisions

Revision 7f1510f4
Added by Justin Sherrill 6 months ago

Fixes #22177 - do not set RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT


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