Bug #22241

Filtering by repository is not working in Packages/Errata/OSTree view

Added by Partha Aji over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Web UI
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Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create product.
2. Add custom repository 'zoo' to product, sync it.
3. Add Red Hat subscription.
4. Add Red Hat repository with Satellite too, sync it.
5. Navigate to packages.
6. Select Red Hat repository. RPMs related to it may be shown
7. Select custom repository 'zoo'.

Actual results:
Packages related to Red Hat repository shown

Expected results:
Packages related to 'zoo' repository should be shown

Similar behavior is also seen on errata and ostree searches

Moreover when observed via the inspector that multiple duplicate searches happen every time a new repository is selected with the wrong repositoryId in some cases.

Associated revisions

Revision 96f528a5 (diff)
Added by Partha Aji over 4 years ago

Fixes #22241 - fix double search on Packages

This commit fixes an issue where a search was executed
twice for pages that included an unnecessary query
string parameter for search (repositoryId).


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