Bug #22259

Libvirt hostdev network breaks entire compute resource

Added by Vyacheslav Spiridonov about 5 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Compute resources - libvirt
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Hi all!

There is an old bug in library fog-libvirt, which is used by foreman to get information about libvirt networks:

If there is a network without "bridge" parameter present, e.g. pool of virtual functions on NIC - almost every operation on this compute resource throws an error:

Call to virNetworkGetBridgeName failed: internal error: network 'libvirt-network-name' does not have a bridge name.

I cannot create any VM or import existing VMs.

I believe such networks are not supported by Foreman.
But maybe it's possible to handle such error and ignore this network. So user will be able to work with this compute resource using other networks.

Best regards,
Vyacheslav Spiridonov

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Revision 37a0c481 (diff)
Added by Marek Hulán about 2 years ago

Fixes #22259 - bump fog-libvirt


#1 Updated by Marek Hulán over 2 years ago

The fix really needs to go to fog-libvirt. If we add rescue, we won't load any network and the compute resource would be basically unsuable anyway. We only load all network at once, which fails on fog-libvirt side. It seems it can be easily fixed in fog-libvirt though, so I'm opening a PR there - If it's accepted, we just need to bump fog-libvirt dependency in Foreman.

#2 Updated by Marek Hulán about 2 years ago

PR is merged, waiting on fog-libvirt release so we can bump it on our end

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