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Share product and contents across organizations

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Organizations and Locations
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we want to use more the one ORG or a ORG per customer maybe and found that each ORG has its own repositories(products) and content views. This creates only duplicates in creating products and content views which results in unnecessary storage use and synchronization time to smart proxies. this really would hurt us and we want you to consider implementing attributes for the subscriptions/products/content views and what not.


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We want to use multiple organizations to match different scopes / services in our org. As a lot of products/repos are common to all our katello orgs, it would be nice to be able to share content between orgs in katello (as Spacewalk/Satellite 5 does).

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There is a currently a downstream Bugzilla referencing this:

I would watch the Bugzilla for more in-depth updates from product management etc, currently this is set to backlog which means it is considered a valid request, but currently not aligned to a release.

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