Refactor #22575

There is a lot of noise in the test report

Added by Tim Wade over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Owing to things like deprecation notices, warnings and verbose flags, a lot of things are written to stdout during the test run

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Revision f2194f0a (diff)
Added by Tim Wade over 1 year ago

fixes #22575 - clean up test report

  • Replace deprecated only_path with ignore_query
  • Don't log to stdout for skipped tests

~* Don't override capture~

~While this code might be helpful for debugging, leaving it in for~
~every test run clutters up the test report.~

  • Always use the current logger in EnsureNotUsedBy

By assigning the logger to an ivar here, it gets evaluated once and
stays around for the entire lifetime of the application. If the logdev
gets closed (as it is in the test suite), it will generate a
warning. This change ensures that messages will always get written to
the current log.

  • Don't let Rake make file utils verbose in tests

Rake wraps file utils, making them verbose and hence printing their
commands to stdout. Doing so adds a lot of noise to the test report,
so we can set verbose to `false` in the context of the test task.

Revision 1dbb6ba4 (diff)
Added by Daniel Lobato Garcia over 1 year ago

Refs #22575 - Replace only_path by ignore_query

The original commit meant to remove deprecation notices, and I believe
its intent was to change :only_path to :ignore_query to remove the
deprecation from the test output. In the end by mistake it was merged
just removing the :only_path option, which broke dashboard tests.
:ignore_query is the new equivalent of the :only_path option, which
makes tests pass again and does not produce any deprecation warnings


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