Bug #22953

Allow a user to filter Suse package versions without having to include +git versions

Added by Jake Callahan 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Target version:Team Brad - Iteration 27
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Certain packages in Suse repos have different version numbers than we expect. To be able to filter by these versions we have to include the entire version string. An example filter like this one:

Greater than version 12.1.4+git.1502953626.155adb5253

Shows that a user has to include "+git.1502953626.155adb5253" to filter versions greater than 12.1.4.

We should search for the "+git" text and ignore anything at that point and beyond when considering version for package filtering.

Verification steps:
1. Sync a Suse repository
- http://download.opensuse.org/update/openSUSE-stable/
2. Create a content view with the repository
3. Create a filter by package name
- filter by version on a package that includes the "+git" version string


#1 Updated by Justin Sherrill 3 months ago

  • Release set to Katello 3.6.0
  • Target version set to Team Brad - Iteration 27

#2 Updated by John Mitsch 3 months ago

  • Release changed from Katello 3.6.0 to Katello 3.6.1

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