Bug #23111

Add API to update upstream_entitlement quantities

Added by Jonathon Turel about 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Interfacing with the Portal should not require the user to provide username/password. Instead, the certificate from the manifest may be used.
Interfacing with the Portal should work with or without a proxy located between it and the Satellite server.
The ability to modify subscription quantities is controlled by the 'manage subscription allocations' permission.
The user may modify multiple entitlements with a single request.
The user may set the counts to any value within the supported range for a given entitlement (1 to maximum).
If the user attempts to provide a value outside of the supported range, no change is made and an error is returned.
API : Given a pool id, katello organization and quantity, user may modify subscription from the allocation.
API : An appropriate error should be returned to the user in scenarios such as, invalid pool id, katello organization, manifest not imported, permissions denied...etc
The number of subscriptions are updated on both the Portal and Katello.
At this time, this will be accomplished by a task that updates the Portal and upon success initiates a 'refresh manifest' on Satellite.

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Added by Jonathon Turel about 4 years ago

Fixes #23111 - Add API to update upstream entitlement quantities


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