Bug #23386

Can't exit fullscreen mode in the editor using the escape key

Added by boaz shust over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Pressing the escape key is supposed to exit from the fullscreen mode in the editor (in the partition templates, for instance). However, it doesn't work in the current version.

How to produce:
1) Login to Foreman
2) On the left (vertical) menu choose "Hosts" > "Partition Tables"
3) Click on one of the items in the table, for example "FreeBSD"
4) Scroll down and click on the "Fullscreen" button below the "Template" section
5) Press the escape key on the keyboard

Expected: exiting the fullscreen mode (like as you will when clicking on "Exit Fullscreen").
Received: nothing.

Associated revisions

Revision de7ea0a8 (diff)
Added by boaz shust over 4 years ago

Fixes #23386 - Exit fullscreen when pressing ESC

Pressing the escape key should make the editor exit
the fullscreen mode. Nonetheless, when this key is pressed
the "exit_fullscreen_editor" function is called but
it was renamed to "exitFullscreen" which ends up with an error
message in the console.

In this patch, I updated the called function to be "exitFullscreen"
so it will be possible to exit fullscreen when escape key is pressed.

Signed-off-by: Boaz Shuster <>


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