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500 Error and Blank Virtual machine page when attempting to provision machine on openstack

Added by Graeme Gillies over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I've successfully added my openstack instance as a compute provider, I can see machines running on it through the management screens.

However, when I go to provision a new host on that openstack compute provider, the "Virtual Machine" tab of the create new host screen is empty, and I see the following error in the foreman log

Started POST "/hosts/compute_resource_selected" for at Tue Mar 26 16:13:06 +1000 2013
Processing by HostsController#compute_resource_selected as
Parameters: {"compute_resource_id"=>"1", "architecture_id"=>"", "operatingsystem_id"=>""}
Rendered compute_resources_vms/form/_openstack.html.erb (164.3ms)
Rendered hosts/_compute.html.erb (515.5ms)
Operation FAILED: id is required for this operation
Rendered common/500.rhtml (5.3ms)
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 533ms (Views: 5.9ms | ActiveRecord: 0.7ms)

I thought it might be because I haven't chosen an arch or operating system, but choosing those first before changing to openstack had no effect


#1 Updated by Ohad Levy over 9 years ago

a few fixes were implemented in develop (e.g. post 1.1) can you give that a try and see if it solves your issue?

#2 Updated by Graeme Gillies over 9 years ago

I'm trying to do that now but unfortunately checking out the latest copy of the devel branch of foreman and trying to reuse the spec file to build the rpm isn't giving me much joy. I'm back to having to rebuild all the new dependencies introduced. Do you guys have a copy of nightly builds in rpm form or something for RHEL/Centos 6? Would make it easier for me to test this :(

Or is there a branch/tag I should be using instead of head of devel?



#3 Updated by Dominic Cleal over 9 years ago

The RPMs need quite a lot of reworking as of yesterday as a large change to Rails went into develop. We don't have nightly RPMs either at the moment, hopefully soon.

I'd suggest either trying to checkout dbc1ee9468 rather than HEAD (the commit before the Rails change), or run Foreman standalone from a git checkout using a "bundle install" and "rails s", then visiting localhost:3000. Pop into #theforeman-dev on Freenode if you get stuck with this.

#4 Updated by Graeme Gillies over 9 years ago


After using the latest from devel it seems that this issue is resolved, so I assume you guys fixed it on the way :)



#5 Updated by Benjamin Papillon over 9 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

Thanks for the report, I close the bug if it is now fixed :)

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