Bug #24024

IndexContent step of initial repo sync takes 20+ minutes

Added by Chris Duryee almost 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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If you on-demand sync a large repo like RHEL7 Server x86_64, the Pulp sync will take about 15-20 minutes. However, the IndexContent step will take even longer, perhaps 20-30 minutes.

It looks like most of the time is spent in import_all:

2018-06-20T21:53:50 [W|app|] begin import_all Katello::Pulp::Rpm
2018-06-20T22:06:47 [W|app|] end import_all Katello::Pulp::Rpm
2018-06-20T22:06:49 [W|app|] begin import_all Katello::Pulp::Srpm
2018-06-20T22:06:49 [W|app|] end import_all Katello::Pulp::Srpm
2018-06-20T22:06:51 [W|app|] begin import_all Katello::Pulp::Erratum
2018-06-20T22:18:21 [W|app|] end import_all Katello::Pulp::Erratum
2018-06-20T22:18:21 [W|app|] begin import_all Katello::Pulp::PackageGroup
2018-06-20T22:18:24 [W|app|] end import_all Katello::Pulp::PackageGroup

I think most of the time is spent in the loop in, where each unit is loaded individually. Resyncs do not take nearly as long.

Syncing one or more large repos is extremely common when setting up a Katello installation, so any time savings here would be a big deal.

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Revision 00eb9331 (diff)
Added by Christine Fouant over 3 years ago

fixes #24024 - increases default bulk_load_size for pulp


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