Bug #24185

No debug logging with Foreman 1.18 RC3

Added by Trey Dockendorf 14 days ago. Updated 8 days ago.

Assignee:Lukas Zapletal
Target version:1.18.1
Difficulty: Team Backlog:
Triaged:Yes Fixed in Releases:
Bugzilla link: Found in Releases:1.18.0-RC3
Pull request:https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/pull/5792


I enabled debug logging and get only information messages in production.log. I touched restart.txt several times and still the logging is not taking effect.

  :level: debug
    :type: file
    :layout: pattern

# Individual logging types can be toggled on/off here
    :enabled: true
    :enabled: true
2018-07-06T09:37:16 [I|app|] Started GET "/node/foreman-test.DOMAIN?format=yml" for at 2018-07-06 09:37:16 -0400
2018-07-06T09:37:16 [I|app|ec21f] Processing by HostsController#externalNodes as YML
2018-07-06T09:37:16 [I|app|ec21f]   Parameters: {"name"=>"foreman-test.DOMAIN"}
2018-07-06T09:37:16 [I|app|ec21f] Current user: foreman_api_admin (administrator)
2018-07-06T09:37:17 [I|app|ec21f]   Rendering text template
2018-07-06T09:37:17 [I|app|ec21f]   Rendered text template (0.0ms)
2018-07-06T09:37:17 [I|app|ec21f] Completed 200 OK in 1467ms (Views: 1.2ms | ActiveRecord: 867.0ms)

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Related to Foreman - Feature #16218: Add possibility to override log configuration for test en... Closed 08/22/2016

Associated revisions

Revision b0b46844
Added by Lukas Zapletal 8 days ago

Fixes #24185 - logging env override config fixed (#5792)


#1 Updated by Tomer Brisker 13 days ago

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#2 Updated by Lukas Zapletal 11 days ago

  • Related to Feature #16218: Add possibility to override log configuration for test environment added

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  • Pull request https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/pull/5792 added

#4 Updated by Marek Hulán 11 days ago

Which file are you changing? Also could you try restarting the whole httpd service? Also note it should be tmp/restart.txt which is touched (not sure if that still works though)

#5 Updated by Marek Hulán 11 days ago

Oh I see it has been already reproduced, please ignore my comment.

#6 Updated by Lukas Zapletal 11 days ago

  • Triaged changed from No to Yes

Yeah, bot could have set Triaged as well perhaps.

#7 Updated by Marek Hulán 10 days ago

This does not seem to be 1.18 regression, the introducing commit was merged in 1.14. It should be possible to just move production configuration to one level above under :logging and it should work just fine.

#8 Updated by Trey Dockendorf 8 days ago

Using the documented method for debug logging works just fine:

  :level: debug

I don't know where I got the idea to use the production key, maybe something from older version of Foreman that's no longer valid.

#9 Updated by Ondřej Pražák 8 days ago

  • Target version changed from 1.18.0 to 1.18.1

#10 Updated by Lukas Zapletal 8 days ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 100
  • Status changed from Ready For Testing to Closed

#11 Updated by Lukas Zapletal 8 days ago

I think it was in example (commented), it is supposed to work and it had a bug. Fixed.

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