Bug #24187

katello paginates call when fetching upstream subs, leading to possible tomcat error

Added by Chris Duryee about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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If you add "per_page" to the parameter list when calling upstream candlepin, a set of links will be sent back in the response header. If your URL is longer than a couple of KB, these links may exceed 8KB in total. Once this happens, tomcat will refuse to send the reply since the HTTP header is bigger than 8KB.

There are a few ways to address this, but the easiest is to simply not paginate this particular API call to upstream candlepin. We already send a subset of pool IDs up, based on which page is being displayed to the user.

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Revision bf842cc2 (diff)
Added by Chris Duryee about 3 years ago

Fixes #24187 - do not paginate when calling upstream candlepin

Previously, calls to upstream candlepin with pool ID lists could
include `per_page`, which makes tomcat paginate results. However, the
pagination will add an HTTP header with URL links for the next and
previous data sets.

If the URL is more than a couple of KB, this header can exceed 8KB
which causes tomcat to refuse to return the result. This is
intentional, since not all services support headers larger than 8KB.

This patch removes the pagination request from the upstream candlepin
call for pools if the pool IDs are being sent through. We do not need
to do this since the call is already limited to just the pools
displayed on the page.


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