Bug #24705

foreman-release-scl-7-1.el7.noarch.rpm contains no repo file

Added by Aaron Copley over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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I am trying to do a clean install of Foreman 1.18.1 and it fails on all of the tfm-ror51-* packages. I tracked that down to a missing repo because no file is provided by the foreman-release-scl RPM. The previous version contains the repo, but conflicts with foreman-1.18.1.

[root@foreman ~]# rpm -qpl foreman-release-scl-7-1.el7.noarch.rpm
(contains no files)

[root@foreman ~]# rpm -qpl foreman-release-scl-5-1.el7.noarch.rpm

Associated revisions

Revision dca5b67b (diff)
Added by Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden over 4 years ago

Refactor repo handling

  • Drop use of the 'stable' repository
  • Disallow releases/ as part of the repository
  • Add foreman-rails repository
  • Stop including foreman::params
  • Remove anchor pattern
  • Move to https


#1 Updated by Aaron Copley over 4 years ago

I found the commit in GitHub where this repo was moved to foreman-release, ( but I am installing from the Puppet modules and did not have that package pre-installed. I could install foreman-release before running Puppet, but since the puppet-foreman module manages all of the other repositories it should probably also manage this one, shouldn't it?

#2 Updated by Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden over 4 years ago

You're right this was changed. is not yet released but intended to rectify this change. I intend to release a puppet-foreman 10.0.0 soon; would that be sufficient for your use case?

#3 Updated by Aaron Copley over 4 years ago

That should do the trick. Thank you so much!

#4 Updated by Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden over 4 years ago

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