Bug #25400

remove force_yum_metadata_regeneration method

Added by Justin Sherrill 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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A long long time ago, we added an optimization that would not republish yum repo metadata when publishing or promoting a repo to a lifecycle environment. The way this works is it would compare the contents of the repo before and after the publish/promote, and if afterwards the contents did not change, it would not republish the metadata.

The purpose of this was to optimize smart proxy syncs, if the metadata doesn't change the sync will be very fast, however it introduces the possibility that we may not republish when we should be. So a force option was added to ensure the user could override this behavior.

After this, the ability to regenerate a CVV's metadata was added, which is a better method of remedying the situation since it doesn't require a user to re-publish or promote a CVV

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Blocks Katello - Tracker #24318: Pulp 3 code base prep workNew

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Revision fafaf3bb (diff)
Added by Justin Sherrill 8 months ago

Fixes #25400 - remove CV force metadata gen option

This removes the abiliy to ignore the optimization
for generation of yum metadata during cv publish
or promote.


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