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Disable default auto-reload of the dashboard

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The Satellite dashboard will auto-reload by default. I'm not aware of any users that monitor the dashboard in a way that's helped by auto-reload, and the reload can use a lot of system resources if the widgets are doing intense SQL.

I've even seen cases where the auto-reload has taken the Satellite down. This can happen if a user has a large number of systems, and a widget runs SQL that takes longer than 60 seconds to run. This can result in a "stacking" effect where more queries are coming in than can be cleared, and the Satellite will eventually become unresponsive.

It would be better if auto-reload was either disabled by default or removed entirely. This would provide a better experience for users with lots of systems, since they would not need to disable the auto-reload to regain some performance headroom on the Satellite.

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable): 6.4.1

Expected behavior: dashboard page does not auto-reload if user's browser is on the dashboard page

Actual behavior: dashboard page auto-reloads

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Revision d4a0b9ee (diff)
Added by Tomer Brisker 3 months ago

Fixes #25637 - Default dashboard auto-refresh to off

Leaving auto-refresh on can lead to siginificant slowdowns and load on
the web server process, especially when using many widgets.


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