Feature #26362

Update fog-openstack to 1.0.8

Added by Lukas Zapletal about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Compute resources - OpenStack
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This looks like a smooth upgrade, nothing major changed and everything seem to work. However, there is one slight detail - fog-openstack URL is not versionless, therefore it must not contain any path part (/v2 or /v3) as the API code determines the version from the other fields. This is the upstream change:

Keystone endpoints are version less. Version 3 is the default as v2.0 is deprecated. Meanwhile Keystone V3 still supports v2.0 for backward compatibility. Therefore passing a tenant instead of a project (along with a domain) makes Keystone provide v2.0 token.

This does not work nicely with Foreman when Tenants are not known (before Load tenants button is pressed), therefore the easiest solution is to enforce users to select V2 or V3. Instead adding new flag, I propose easier approach which will be also upgrade-friendly - Compute Resource model now validates if URL contains /v2 or /v3 and this is used to pick either v2.0 or v3 protocol. Users already have paths so this will work transparently for them.

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Added by Lukas Zapletal about 4 years ago

Fixes #26362 - update fog-openstack to 1.0.8 (#6574)


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