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To be able to see the name of the provisioning template being used to build a host from the host itself

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1. Feature Description:

After building a host from the satellite server, a rendered copy of the kickstart template will be saved in the host by the name "/root/original-ks.cfg".

Usually, the kickstart template of Satellite 6 doesn't have the required variable defined on the same to print the name of the template itself while it's being rendered against a host.

Due to the same, the file "/root/original-ks.cfg" won't also have the name of the kickstart template that was used for building the host.

This can be easily achieved by adding this segment of the code at the top of the kickstart template.

  1. Template Label: = <%= @template_name %>

2. Why does one need such a feature?

Usually, if someone using the Kickstart Default provisioning template, then it's not required but most people will clone this template and create some different model of templates to build different sets of host as per their application need.

If the above feature will be included, then one just need to login to the host which got build and they just can get the name of the template from the file "/root/original-ks.cfg" itself without any complications.

3. How customer can test and confirm the functionality ?

As a workaround to the Customer's query, It's already been tested and works just as explained.

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Fixes #28896 Add template name to kickstart provision templates


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