Bug #29553

Tracker #29552: [tracker] applicability in katello tracker

Katello Applicability needs to take modularity into account during its calculations

Added by Ian Ballou 6 months ago. Updated 17 days ago.

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Katello Applicability, after it's merged, will only support RPM and Errata applicability. The next step is to support module streams.

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Revision 3a908778 (diff)
Added by Ian Ballou 6 months ago

Fixes #29553 - Katello Applicability of rpms with modules (#8692)


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#3 Updated by Ian Ballou 6 months ago

More specifically, this issue needs to make the RPM applicability step check the installed modules on the system and calculate applicability accordingly.

#4 Updated by Ian Ballou 6 months ago

One question I have is whether or not we should leverage Pulp 3's relationship between rpms and module streams. That would mean either having two queries for Pulp 2 and Pulp 3 or just not supporting Pulp 2 for Katello Applicability. Or perhaps we could write the query for Pulp 2 now and then transition it to Pulp 3 when Pulp 2 is dropped.

#5 Updated by Ian Ballou 6 months ago

Seems like using the Pulp 3 relation is the best way to go. We can fill in Pulp 2 later if we must.

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