Bug #30333

Add support for Yum cross-repo dep solving with Pulp 3 content views

Added by Ian Ballou 4 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

Content Views
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The Pulp 3 incremental update feature (, once merged, will lay some groundwork for getting cross-repo dep solving to work with content views in general. The content view filtering tasks need to be rearranged so that all repositories in the content view are copied in one Pulp 3 API call, which is required for Pulp 3 dep solving to occur.

Related issues

Blocks Katello - Tracker #27916: Pulp3 yum supportNew

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Revision 4071c609 (diff)
Added by Ian Ballou 2 months ago

Fixes #30333: Pulp 3 yum cross-repo dependency solving for content views (#8852)

  • Refs #30333: Fix Pulp 3 inc. update issues: * Incremental update fail on CVV's where the CVV repos' version_hrefs == CVV repo repo's library instances' version_hrefs* Incremental update fail when new content doesn't exist in the CVV repo's library_instances
  • Fixes #30333: Pulp 3 yum cross-repo dep solving
  • Refs #30333: Use Multi content view tasks for all yum content + small fixes
  • Refs #30333: Fix incremental update with composite propagation
  • Refs #30333: Add Pulp 3 yum per-repo content view filtering
  • Refs #30333: Copy package envs properly during CV publish and inc update
  • Refs #30333: Add module filtering + fix composites again


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#3 Updated by Ian Ballou 3 months ago

Since this PR is touching incremental update code too, I should fix the following:

1) Pulp 3 incremental update does not properly handle composite content views
2) Pulp 3 incremental update uses a non-deletable repo version 0 if there are no content units to copy
3) Pulp 3 incremental update needs to properly handle repo version saving if the content units already exist in the repo

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