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Request Support for Oracle SPARC provisioning with ISC-DHCP server.

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I have had no luck getting help from the ISC-DHCP-Users list on using omapi to setup vendor-class-options or hosts defined within a group. I am out of ideas, but I'm really hoping that this feature set can be added to the unattended provisioning, since the Wiki discusses how to provision both SPARC and X86 Solaris. X86 Solaris provisioning works great with ISC-DHCP by following the wiki.

I realize this is a small market share platform, but it is a stumbling block for other admins to adopt Foreman for provisioning and life cycle management.

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Revision f1ce57f3 (diff)
Added by dima almost 7 years ago

refs #3067 - domain stripped from installation media hostname for Solaris

Revision 0092c5de (diff)
Added by dima almost 7 years ago

fixes #3067 - add sparc solaris dhcp options for ISC


#1 Updated by Alex Feltin about 7 years ago


I was successful with following OMAPI options:

set statements="vendor-option-space SUNW; next-server=0a:e5:0b:18; filename \"inetboot.sun4u.sol_10_0811_sparc.mbl\"; option SUNW.JumpStart-server \"js-server:/Solaris/jumpstart\"; option SUNW.sysid-config-file-server \"js-server:/Solaris/jumpstart/sysidcfg/sysidcfg_primary/sysidcfg\"; option SUNW.install-server-hostname \"js-server\"; option SUNW.install-server-ip-address; option SUNW.install-path \"/Solaris/install/Solaris_5.10_sparc_hw0811\"; option SUNW.root-server-hostname \"js-server\"; option SUNW.root-server-ip-address; option SUNW.root-path-name \"/Solaris/install/Solaris_5.10_sparc_hw0811/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot\";"

This results in the following in the leases file:

host sparc-host{
hardware ethernet 00:21:28:6d:62:e8;
supersede server.vendor-option-space = "SUNW";
supersede = 0a:e5:0b:18;
supersede server.filename = "inetboot.sun4u.sol_10_0811_sparc.mbl";
supersede SUNW.JumpStart-server = "js-server:/Solaris/jumpstart";
supersede SUNW.sysid-config-file-server =
supersede SUNW.install-server-hostname = "js-server";
supersede SUNW.install-server-ip-address = 0a:e5:0b:18;
supersede SUNW.install-path =
supersede SUNW.root-server-hostname = "js-server";
supersede SUNW.root-server-ip-address = 0a:e5:0b:18;
supersede SUNW.root-path-name =

I am able to jumpstart Solaris 10 SPARC U10, however I experience some weirdness with sysidcfg getting mounted and unmounted and it drops me into interactive installer. I can clearly see it in tcpdump capture. I verified with dhcp and all SUNW options are picked up by the client.

The main point is that it is entirely possible to achieve via OMAPI, so we should ask this to be implemented in Foreman.


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