Refactor #30828

Actions::Katello::Repository::IndexContent is performed even on repositories that have not changed

Added by Mike McCune about 1 year ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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On large Content View publishes, a good portion of the publish is spent running Actions::Katello::Repository::IndexContent. In cases where repositories do not change, we still run IndexContent.

This slows down users who desire rapid publishes with only a small set of changes, eg:

  • OS repos with 1000s of packages never change
  • app layer repos with few packages that change often

Users have to pay the price to index the content on a publish for the large OS repos that are largely static.

How to reproduce:

1) Create content view with RPM content
2) Publish CV, note IndexContent steps are run
3) Publish CV again with no changes, note IndexContent is still run.

Associated revisions

Revision 8f5436df (diff)
Added by James Jeffers 9 months ago

Fixes #30828 - check for matching content and use outcome as contents changed input for content index


#1 Updated by Mike McCune about 1 year ago

also, would we expect re-indexing to take 300+ seconds?

1167: Actions::Katello::Repository::IndexContent (success) [ 340.71s / 340.71s ]
Queue: default
Queue: default
Started at: 2020-09-12 20:59:08 UTC
Ended at: 2020-09-12 21:04:49 UTC
Real time: 340.71s

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