Bug #31004

reporter_id needs to be set for hypervisor update

Added by Partha Aji almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Issue - reporter_id flag is not set for the hypervisor_update call while is set for the heartbeat

Typical Heartbeat on Satellite:
2020-10-06 10:43:03,056 [thread=http-bio-8443-exec-8] [req=413d456f-6a5a-4408-a504-1069c6bb7587, org=, csid=b18bebae-6978-481a-aeed-9098c9f9f95d] INFO org.candlepin.common.filter.LoggingFilter - Request: verb=PUT, uri=/candlepin/hypervisors/Default_Organization/heartbeat?

While Hypervisor checkin on Satellite:
2020-10-06 10:43:03,319 [thread=http-bio-8443-exec-2] [req=489fcd9f-7291-462b-b893-d8271333af9a, org=, csid=1402b2bc-693c-42e7-b0b2-d6a2270096e2] INFO org.candlepin.common.filter.LoggingFilter - Request: verb=POST, uri=/candlepin/hypervisors/Default_Organization

Does not have the reporter_id param attached to it even though virt-who sends it. This causes the bug below. Katello needs to forward the reporter id similar to the way it does heart beat.

Original Bug
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Description of problem:

Last checkin date/time not update when hypervisor is checked in via virt-who

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Configure virt-who
2. Last check-in for the Hypervisor is not "updated"

Actual results:

Last Checkin is "not" updated whenever virt-who is restarted in Red Hat Satellite v.6.7

Expected results:

Last check-in date should be updated.

Additional info:

Currently virt-who only sends the reports if changes detected compared to the previous shared reports to satellite. If no changes have happened in the reports, then the hypervisor will not change the check-in date/time for the hypervisor.

It appears to be a possible regression, where hypervisor Last checkin date/time not updated. As per BZ, [X] and [Y], this should have been fixed with Candlepin 2.9 and Satellite v.6.7, but the problem is still observed.

Associated revisions

Revision dd6bd935 (diff)
Added by Partha Aji almost 2 years ago

Fixes #31004 - Hypervisor update needs reporter_id (#8981)

Virt-Who when it calls katello for a hypervisor update, send the
reporter_id parameter. This needs to be forwarded to candlepin for it
to be correctly processed.

This commit forwards the reporter-id in addition to other parameters.


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