Bug #31078

Make the import handle default content view

Added by Partha Aji 4 months ago. Updated about 12 hours ago.

Inter Server Sync
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The current import works only for content views that are non-default. Needs to be fixed.
Update the import action to

  • Call the pulp3 import only if the content view being imported is NOT default
For Default
  • Fetch the default cvv
  • Loop through the repositories belonging to the cvv and generate a repo mapping
  • Import using the generated mapping
  • Call Save Version to update katello db
  • Create a new publication
  • Index Content

Related issues

Blocks Katello - Tracker #29977: Import/Export StoriesNew

Associated revisions

Revision 93d3bd5e (diff)
Added by Partha Aji 2 months ago

Fixes #31078 - Can import into default content view (#9042)

This commit enables one to import any content onto the library

In addition to that the commit does the following
1) Adds the content-imports controller and moves the existing
functionality there.
2) Auto assigns content view repositories from the metadata. i.e. if the
metadata had a dump for repoA and repoB. The import operation will
check if the library has those repos and automatically add them to
the content view.
3) Adds the library end point to conten0imports controller along with the
Import-Default action.


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