Bug #31428

Make last remote execution status clickable, leading to the last invocation

Added by Marek Hulán 11 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Since #30966, the status can define a status_link method. It can return the url the status then links to. We should link to the last job invocation of the host.

To do that, we can find the job by the task id. Note that the specific status instance links to the last task, however we need to look to it's parent, which represents the overall job. We can then find the job by this parent task id. To use path helpers, we may need to include url helpers into the class.

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Revision 0aa5ca70 (diff)
Added by Dominik Matoulek 10 months ago

fixes #31428 - making execution status clickable (#559)

This PR introduces a clickable execution status at host detail page that leads to last job invocation of given host


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