Bug #31607

Increase Artemis disk usage limit

Added by Jonathon Turel about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Foreman modules
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b'Cloned from \n\n*Description of problem:*\nCP is returning null modeReason and null modeChangeTime and eventually CP stucks by getting \'SSL_connect","errors\' and webgui stops working\n\n*Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):*\n\nsatellite-6.8.0-1.el7sat.noarch\ncandlepin-3.1.22-1.el7sat.noarch\n\n*How reproducible:*\n\nInstallt 6.8 \n\n*Steps to Reproduce:*\n1. install 6.8 \n2. curl -s -k https://localhost:8443/candlepin/status | json_reformat\n\nforeman]$ grep 7b25ab57 production.log\n2020-11-11T10:41:33 [I|app|7b25ab57] Started GET "/rhsm/status/" for at 2020-11-11 10:41:33 -0600\n2020-11-11T10:41:33 [I|app|7b25ab57] Processing by Katello::Api::Rhsm::CandlepinProxiesController#server_status as JSON\n2020-11-11T10:41:33 [D|kat|7b25ab57] Resource GET request: /candlepin/status\n2020-11-11T10:41:33 [D|kat|7b25ab57] Headers: {}\n2020-11-11T10:41:33 [D|kat|7b25ab57] Body: {}\n2020-11-11T10:41:33 [D|app|7b25ab57] RestClient.get "https://localhost:8443/candlepin/status", "Accept"=>"*/*", "Accept-Encoding"=>"gzip, deflate", "Authorization"=>"OAuth oauth_consumer_key=\\"katello\\", oauth_nonce=\\"LWdta8OWW8w9kzAQi1CrbBiliDehntk5RwqCN5I0I\\", oauth_signature=\\"dclvfvAG%2Fbw1qEwhixs7VEf5j2s%3D\\", oauth_signature_method=\\"HMAC-SHA1\\", oauth_timestamp=\\"1605112893\\", oauth_version=\\"1.0\\"", "User-Agent"=>"rest-client/2.0.2 (linux-gnu x86_64) ruby/2.5.5p157"\n2020-11-11T11:18:49 [E|kat|7b25ab57] Errno::ECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect\n2020-11-11T11:18:50 [I|app|7b25ab57] Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 2236198ms (Views: 41.1ms | ActiveRecord: 3.3ms | Allocations: 50666)\n2020-11-11T11:18:50 [D|app|7b25ab57] With body: {"displayMessage":"Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect","errors":["Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect"]}\n\n\n*Actual results:*\n\n{\n "mode": "NORMAL",\n "modeReason": null,\n "modeChangeTime": null,\n "result": true,\n "version": "3.1.22",\n "rulesVersion": "5.41",\n "release": "1",\n "standalone": true,\n "timeUTC": "2020-11-11T23:30:01+0000",\n "rulesSource": "default",\n "managerCapabilities": [\n "instance_multiplier",\n "derived_product",\n "vcpu",\n "cert_v3",\n "hypervisors_heartbeat",\n "remove_by_pool_id",\n "syspurpose",\n "insights_auto_register",\n "storage_band",\n "cores",\n "hypervisors_async",\n "org_level_content_access",\n "guest_limit",\n "ram",\n "batch_bind"\n\n*Expected results:*\n\nOn 6.7 result is different. \n\n "mode": "NORMAL",\n "modeReason": "STARTUP",\n "modeChangeTime": "2020-11-02T00:23:23+0000",\n "result": true,\n "version": "2.9.30",\n "rulesVersion": "5.41",\n "release": "1",\n "standalone": true,\n "timeUTC": "2020-11-12T20:03:32+0000",\n "rulesSource": "database",\n "managerCapabilities": [\n "instance_multiplier",\n "derived_product",\n "vcpu",\n "cert_v3",\n "hypervisors_heartbeat",\n "remove_by_pool_id",\n "syspurpose",\n "storage_band",\n "cores",\n "hypervisors_async",\n "org_level_content_access",\n "guest_limit",\n "ram",\n "batch_bind"\n\n*Additional info:*\nCustomer\'s 6.8 is fails 2,3 times in a day and after restart CP working for a while.'

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Fixes #31607 - Increase Artemis disk usage limit


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