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Add support for AlmaLinux 8 as a client

Added by Kent Brodie over 1 year ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Almalinux is a 1:1 binary-compatible replacement for CentOS 8 (which we all now know is dead).

Please add support within katello/foreman for AlmaLinux as a supported OS.

I have tested it thus far, and everything seems to work with an AlmaLinux 8 host as a registered client. I have been able to create a product, repositories, register, etc.

The only thing I have noticed is in the host list, the client OS shows up as "Unknown 8.3".

I do not know all the bits and pieces that need to be tweaked, but it would be great to have this supported. AlmaLinux is clearly a viable CentOS 8 alternative.

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Fixes #31787 - Add AlmaLinux support

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Refs #31787 - AlmaLinux support in templates


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it's actually not hard to add support for the new OS, would you consider sending a patch? I guess the family would be simply RedHat. See for how OpenWrt was added. If you're adding some logos, make sure they are under friendly license or ask for permission. There may be more work, such as facter needs to recognize it, but I assume that will be added the moment someone runs facter/ohai/ansible on it.

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Also to fix the "Unknown" string during Katello sync, a small change needs to be done in Katello too. I've put some links into the relevant thread at

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