Bug #32008

Unsetting repository architecture restriction doesn't reach clients

Added by Jonathon Turel 11 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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... because Candlepin never gets updated!

The candlepin db state can be verified with this query:

SELECT product.uuid AS "Product UUID", AS "Product Name", product.product_id, content.content_id, content.uuid, content.label,, content.arches FROM cp_pool pool JOIN cp2_products product ON pool.product_uuid = product.uuid JOIN cp2_product_content pc ON product.uuid = pc.product_uuid JOIN cp2_content content ON content.uuid = pc.content_uuid ORDER BY ASC;

The implication of this change is that, for example: accidentally setting i386 architecture and then unsetting it will permanently lock the Content in Candlepin to i386 while the UI will show that no restriction is set because the RootRepository has the correct value. The workaround is to recreate the repo which is not ideal.

The fix should include a migration to update Candlepin to reflect whatever is currently set on the RootRepository

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Revision 28bb2bee (diff)
Added by Lucy Fu 9 months ago

Fixes #32008 - Candlepin API accepts empty string to unset a value.

nil is ignored by Candlepin API. Use empty string to reset the arch value of a content in candlepin DB.

Revision 6d70fab5 (diff)
Added by Lucy Fu 9 months ago

Refs #32008 - make sure upgrade task runs


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