Feature #32715

Add the ability to add custom steps to the Default Finish template at early and late stages

Added by Pablo Hess almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Like the "Kickstart default" provisioning template with its custom pre/packages/post snippets, I'd like to be able to add custom early/late steps do Finish templates. This is valuable when using image-based provisioning if one wants to e.g. install custom packages to the provisioned host before considering provisioning complete or add entries to the host's /etc/hosts file before the bulk of the Finish template completes.

The way I propose this be implemented is with the same approach used in "Kickstart default": snippet_if_exists(template_name + " custom early") as one of the first steps in the template and snippet_if_exists(template_name + " custom late") as one of the last steps.

I'll be sending a PR for this shortly.

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Revision dc4fbcae (diff)
Added by Pablo N. Hess almost 2 years ago

Fixes #32715 - add custom snippets to finish template

Co-authored-by: Lukáš Zapletal <>

Co-authored-by: Ondřej Ezr <>


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